The 10th Japan-Korea Joint Meeting on Medical Physics In conjunction with The 128th Scientific Meeting of Japan Society of Medical Physics and The 68th Scientific Meeting of Korean Society of Medical Physics JKMP10

Call for Abstracts

To submit an abstract, please read the following instructions and click the abstract submission button.

1. Eligibility for abstract submission

The presenter (first author) may preferably be a member of the Japanese Society of Medical Physics (JSMP), the Korean Society of Medical Physics (KSMP), or Asia–Oceania Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics (AFOMP). Even if you are not member of those societies, you can take a presentation. However, you must pay non-member fee and your presentation will be excluded from the awardee list.
If you are not currently a member, please apply it after completing the admission procedure.
Website of the Japan Society of Medical Physics:
Website of the Korean Society of Medical Physics:
Ethical considerations and the protection of personal information must be considered when presenting at this conference.

2. Abstract submission period

April 13(Saturday) - May 31(Friday), 2024(10:00 am JST, KST) June 7(Friday), 2024(23:59 pm, JST, KST)
Abstract Submission has been closed

3. How to submit an abstract

All registrations should be written in English.
  • First author's name
  • Membership number of the first author
  • Membership category of the first author
  • Institution name, city, and country of affiliation of the first author
  • Institutional affiliation number of the first author
  • Postal code and address of the first author's institution
  • Telephone and fax numbers of the first author's institution
  • E-mail address of the first author
  • Postal code and address of the first author's contact person (required only if the contact person is not affiliated with the same institution)
  • Contact telephone number and fax number of the first author (required only if the contact person is not affiliated with the same institution)
  • Institutional affiliation of the co-author(s)
  • Name of co-author(s)
  • Category of presentation field
  • Please select the symbol for the field category in which you wish to present your paper.
    1. Diagnostic X-ray
    2. Magnetic resonance
    3. Other diagnostic imaging
    4. Radiotherapy (X-ray, electron)
    5. Radiotherapy (Particle)
    6. Radiotherapy(Brachytherapy)
    7. Radiation measurement
    8. Radiation protection/safety
    9. Nuclear medicine
    10. Image informatics
    11. Medical information (including AI)
    12. Education
    13. Others
  • Keywords
    Please enter at least 3 different keywords that describe the content of your presentation.
    • Abstract Title (Not exceed 130 single-byte characters in English)
    • Abstract body
      Abstracts should be brief and concise, with purpose, methods, results, discussion, and conclusions, and should not exceed 2000 single-byte characters in English. The abstract can not include figures and tables.(2000 single-byte characters is equivalent to about 300-320 words in English.)
    • Password
      The password and registration receipt number displayed at the time of abstract submission will be required to modify the registration information and upload the manuscript for proceedings.
      Please be sure of conserving them.

4. Ethical approval of submitted abstracts

Research presentations at this meeting must be made in consideration of bioethics and the protection of personal information (including patients and research collaborators such as volunteers and observers). Therefore, when submitting an abstract, you are required to correctly answer the following "Questions Concerning Ethical Approval of Submitted Abstracts.
The ethical review committee of the relevant institution must approve the abstract in advance if necessary.
If you have not obtained (or are in the process of applying for) ethical approval at the time of the application, you will not be able to submit your abstract.
guideline image

5. Disclosure of Conflict of Interest

If you are receiving any grants or assistance from a company or other entity in connection with the research you are presenting (regardless of the amount) or if any of your co-researchers are employees of a company related to the submitted abstract, you are obliged to disclose this fact.
When submitting an abstract, please be sure to answer the question regarding conflicts of interest. For more details, please refer to the JSMP's Guidelines on Ethical Approval and Conflicts of Interest.
The method of disclosing conflicts of interest is to insert a slide in the second slide of the electronic poster and oral research presentation (the first slide should include the title, name of the institution, etc.).
Korean authors are requested to register their abstracts in accordance with the ethical rules of the journal.

6. Acceptance or rejection of abstracts

The acceptance or rejection of abstracts will be decided by the Program Committee and will be notified by e-mail.
The notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent by e-mail in early July 2024.

2024 The 10th Japan-Korea Joint Meeting on Medical Physics